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When is he returning? Did you get there on time? We have plenty of time to spare. There are no comments yet. Have you eaten dinner? The boy caught the dog by the tail. I met her the year that my uncle William died. As soon as I can afford to buy a house, I will. Andrew, would you like to play a game? Winter is my favorite season.
Cartoni Animati: - I want to finish this work by five.
- I hope that you will get well soon.
- She looked away.
- He is still very much alive.
- I don't need to sound like a native speaker, I just want to be able to speak fluently.
- We can hear the ocean from here.
- Have you seen this movie?
- Turn off the alarm.
- I have a lot of things to do.
- Is there a problem?
What time do you leave for school? Come a little closer. Wait, that's too close. Move a little to the left. Move back a little farther. OK, stay right there. Where should we go? Do you have anything to declare? Tom is as tall as his father. Now. I don�t' feel like watching T.V. Maybe he has lots of girlfriends. Mind your tongue. Dinosaurs died out a very long time ago.

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